Below are highlighted list of violent LGBTQIAP+ extremist violent terror attacks against Americans’ inalienable natural rights of life as given from the Creator. In the counts below LGBTQ mass-murderors have waged numerous bloodbaths across America with death tolls up into the hundreds of victims. These self-proclaimed suicidal LGBTQ people hold several records for Americas biggest ever mass shootings.

In just a few of the several shootings, the bodies piled up in the hundreds. Political elite, owned by America’s foreign enemies continue to turn a blind eye, and even persecute and de-fund the good law enforcement that would highlight this major overlooked statistic of the most atrocious hate crimes. The crimes and the suicides only grow as they are given every single imaginable right, no matter of the essence of those trample the rights of the other 99% of the population. This report is on as compiled from Reports of the Priory of Salem, Institute of Peace Studies over the years (normally members only content).

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With this disclosure we include the happy solutions as found in the recent broadcast by Dr Brunswick “Pushing back against the pedophilia rings / forced castration events” through petition signature drives etc. It’s not all bad news. Through Christ He gives His honor to His Saints to restore the true peace.

This shouldn’t even be called a disclosure but apparently most have forgotten so many of the major shootings over the last decade, the decade of which have enjoyed already the maximum lgbtq rights of world history. The trends of mass murders only grow, especially in the most liberal areas where lgbtq are celebrated on every corner.

Tucker is one of the few to comment about the “rainbow reload” and other ideological-political terror camp groups, touting signs like the Nashville shooter:



These openly promoted terror groups whether under the flag of antifa, nambla, or black lives matter 100% lgbtq founders. They are recorded openly advocating training to go hunt for conservatives, and go hunt for peaceful Christians. This is much like the rhetoric like “get Trump” etc done openly by prosecutors. Priory of Salem cataloged more than 100 cases of major public leaders saying “exterminate all white people”, “kill all white people” and much worse, from the highest offices of influence in American present culture (foreign owned pressure groups financing). We do not see why the extremist political “sexual ideologies” have been left out of the main stated motives behind the vast majority of the mass shootings these last 30 years.

Priory of Salem believes there needs to be “true inclusivity” to include all groups on the “hate maps” and all such other groups who advocate actual violence. That includes the normal birthing clinic attackers, and those who came with weapons advertising their plot to kill Supreme Court justices, BLM and Antifa who burned down dozens of law enforcement offices in their political & true terror campaign etc. The current path seems to be set to fail that as politics now cherry pick one side of the equation who self-identify as “suicidal, terror seeking, self mutilating, child predators” in very precise language and follow through with explicit actions.

Sheriffs have vowed to enforce laws and protect the peace. However the People are currently threatened into obedience and fear as not to call police when they see these crimes against children occurring in open places. Like the drag queen kids dances, where adults put dollar bills in children’s underwear as they do sex/stripper type dances in public etc. Instead such as promoted and the skeptics are threatened for mentioning it.

Let’s list just a few of the recent mass murders carried out by the LGBTQ activists. They all have one thing in common, they claim to wage a war against the People’s rights “deeply rooted in the history and traditions of the nation”. This establishment of the Rule of Law of Western Civilization is their target. This includes destroying the inalienable rights of Nature from our Creator to the created life itself, using the dictionaries published in 2022 that correlate gender with biology, and include using pronouns like boys and girls when raising children. These threats have intimidated one Supreme Court Justice to refuse to use a dictionary definition for the female gender, refusing to protect a created inalienable life to be (what every cell has been created, stamped with dna of only 1 gender) as rights from the Creator Himself. Some dare go against life and the creator, saying they’re “suicidal” and when we have relented to let them quickly get the surgeries, the suicides have skyrocketed, with mass casualties of those surrounding them.

While already given every right possibly imaginable, including ability to change their gender at will to be on their birth certificate 1 times per year. One can only speculate what else may be the demands.

I also advise to watch Carlson’s recent expose of NPR News caught promoting a “trans ideology at gunpoint” policy:



All the while NPR has had a policy against all guns, this is an exception, and much more. Carlson is showing this as well as an incident where one trans person shot a sheriff and committed suicide, and NPR only reported that he committed suicide and was mis-gendered. Nothing about the sheriff that was shot. This is advancing only for more to be shot.
We see everywhere that the policies of giving them a quicker transition and telling them it’s to save them from suicide so far has only advanced more suicides. The statistics show those which were barely likely to kill themselves, became much more likely after getting the transgender procedures done.
This goes without saying how a huge percent (if not all) mass shooters on a political ideological (terrorism) basis, for the last 20 years were radical LGBTQ activists, engaging in terror crimes of violence.
Now one of these (unnatural anti-Creator self-alienated ones) in Nashvill dist just ANOTHER major terrorist attack on a school in the name of “transgender rights”. This was done, yet again, with a very clear terrorist manifesto which meet all the definitions of actual terrorism, in advancing an actual political plot.

Here’s a small highlight list of LGBTQ Major Terror Attacks:

1.     The private school Uvalde massacre perpetrator was clearly trans, or a drag queen of sorts (killing 19 students and 2 teachers).

2.     The “Deadliest Shooting In Modern History” the Vegas massacre was carried out by a militant LGBTQ extremist fanatic and cross dresser (58 killed, 500 wounded).

3.     The DC “LGBTQ RIGHTS” shooter had plans to put a Chik-fil-a sandwich ontop of each slain, stopped after shooting one security guard.

4.     The high profile Malvo Snipers are within the LGBTQAI++ community (2 brothers in open love together). (Killed 17, injured 10).

5.     The Congressional Baseball shooting shooting major LGBTQ extremist activist, he almost killed every single one of the US Republicans that day, barely was stopped:

6.     Jared Lee Loughner, who posed in a feminine g-string before he shot more than a dozen (Democrat) government officials in Arizona. (Killed 6, wounded 13)


What they had in common was they were lured into drag queen story hours, and were in process of being forcibly castrated without their full knowledge of the damages.

Psychologists unanimously agree that we don’t have any data what it would do to children if we transitioned them so young.

Several therapists are too inundated with high paying and government funded clients to find time, or safe space to possibly speak out.


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