On February 9-11, 2024, world-class skiers from around the globe will gather at Lake Placid, New York for the purpose of jumping off a cell tower.
A colleague alerted me to this horror. There will be an FIS Ski Jumping World Cup Event at Lake Placid in a few weeks, hosted by the Olympic Regional Development Authority (ORDA). She and her daughter visited the location as tourists last week. She took the above photograph of the tower after they had climbed it. She writes:
“As we were getting to the top of the tourists’ indoor stairs (after the elevator ride) at the Olympic Ski Jumping Complex in Lake Placid, NY, I suddenly felt faint and dizzy, and began to lose my balance. So I asked my daughter to hang onto me, as I gripped the railing. I pulled myself upward to the top step, but as I got to the ‘landing’ floor — before any lookout part — I suddenly felt as if my head were in a vise — a strange new feeling for me, not like any headache I had ever had in my life, with both sides of my head feeling as if they were being pressed inward, and hard. Then, when I walked outside, I felt another distinctly new feeling — in my chest — as if my heart were being vigorously shaken up and down, fast and hard. That is when I looked up and saw a huge bundle of antennas that seemed to be about 30 feet directly above and to the left of my head.
“I remained dizzy as I forged forward to the place at the top of the ski slope, where the ski jumpers ‘launch.’ When we finally went down to the next level to take the tourists’ ‘Zip Line’ ride down to the bottom of the ski slope I felt a tremendous relief in my body. But I remained horrified that this is where athletes from all over the world will soon compete and jump off, with the need for supreme focus and balance.”
There were three antennas on the 277.9-foot-tall ski-jump tower in 1999, and two dozen more antennas have been added and upgraded over the years. The harm increased in 2021 when Verizon and T-Mobile added more antennas, increased again in 2022 when AT&T added more, and increased again on December 9, 2023 when Verizon upgraded some of its antennas in preparation for the upcoming World Cup Event. There are now three tiers of panel antennas surrounding the ski jump tower on three sides, as well as half a dozen whip antennas on top. When skiers are at the top of the ski slope, if they look up they can see, about 30 feet above them, the top tier of cell phone antennas on the front of the tower, and the whip antennas on the top. They cannot see the cell phone antennas in back, or the two tiers of lower cell phone antennas on each side, some of which are at the same level as where they are standing.
When a skier sits on the bar from which he or she will launch, he or she is irradiated directly from above by both panel and whip antennas, and that radiation bounces off the reflective snow beneath him or her while skiing down the slope prior to jumping, which quadruples the radiation because of the reflections. And that is not even the main problem. The harm done by the radiation is caused not only by its power level but by its bandwidth and the number of signals you are bathed in. The antennas on this ski jump tower will be broadcasting hundreds or thousands of signals simultaneously during the World Cup Event when every spectator will be using his or her cell phone.
ORDA, FIS (Fédération Internationale de Ski et de Snowboard), and the skiers who are planning to come to Lake Placid to compete in February’s World Cup ski jumping event should be warned that this ski jump tower is a mammoth cell tower that is very dangerous to athletes.
The phone number of ORDA’s Olympic Jumping Complex is (518) 302-5919. The email address for FIS is mail@fisski.com and their phone number in Switzerland is +41 (0)33 244 6161. The President of FIS, Johan Eliasch, is a billionaire, an avid skier, and a true environmentalist. He founded the Rainforest Trust, which has purchased 37 million acres of rainforest throughout the world to keep them from being logged. He is the co-founder and co-chair of Cool Earth, which gives cash directly to rainforest peoples to protect both them and the life-giving forests that they live in. He should be educated about RF radiation and what it is doing to athletes, people in general, and our world. He can be contacted on his personal website, here:
Suggestions are welcome as to how to publicize this and use this opportunity to educate the public about the harm to health and environment of wireless technology.
Arthur Firstenberg
P.O. Box 6216
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January 18, 2024
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